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Why Nicki Minaj Same 45 Inches Full Lace Wig So Popular?
Oct 27, 2017

1. All starts from its virgin hair material. The hair I used for this wig I bought from a women who grew her hair for 25 years, I was happy to pay her a high price because all SHY hair is ethically sourced. All hair CUTICLE ALIGNED, durable and free to bleached.

2. Her hairline is hand tied by professional SINGLE KNOT technique, which is same as FreedomCouture. Other parts still hand tied by traditional double knots.

3. The 45 inches full lace wig is same style as Rapper Nicki Minaj in the United States.

4. Her soft, light and smooth TRANSPARENT Swiss lace is very important. She is still be transparent when you dye the hair to different colors. She can fit your head and your skin very much. Customers can make their liquid foundation on hairline and hair part to make the wig more natural, so it suits for all colors people (black, white, wheat or caramel, etc.)

5. If you wanna her in different texture or color, we could do same as your requirements.