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What's A Lace Wig?
Jul 26, 2017

The front lace wig cap is a finger-sleeve structure that is connected to a nylon mesh or a chemical fiber net along the forehead. Then put each or every hair on this nylon mesh or chemical fiber online. Because of its reasonable structure and direct contact with the skin, the appearance looks very natural, as if it were hair on his head. Anyone can wear a front lace wig. Some stars often wear a front lace wig to reflect the sense of fashion, but also because of illness and hair is scarce patients can wear a front lace wig. The front lace wig head, generally uses the nylon net material which starts approximately 1 inches size from the hairline, but the whole lace wig helmet is all uses the nylon net material. Hand-woven wig is through the use of pure hand-skill hook system, the hair of a root or a few pieces of the product made on the Internet, its advantages: High fidelity, good air permeability, wear comfortable, but the price is relatively high. The hand weft hair is woven through the hair tie silk, uses the pure manual technique to hook the system to form. Woven hair is a machine production line to produce finished products, with hair dryer blowing force will be sewn together. Woven hair are divided into two kinds: one is double weft, the other is sheeting (also known as "light weft" or "thin weft"). Swiss lace is thin and difficult to detect. French lace materials are more durable. The permeability of Tansley silk is not very good. Elastic lace is not very skin, easy to be found.

Is the hair hook on the lace web (that's the kind of thin, evenly distributed a number of very small mesh, common is the Swiss wire mesh and French wire mesh, usually in the position of the top of the head is a stretch net, to adapt to different types of head can be applied, and basically are real hair made of lace wig. A lace wig or a front lace wig is a special wig made of transparent lace. The front lace wig is made of handmade hair on a transparent lace base. The bottom of the whole lace wig is full of lace, and the front lace wig is only transparent in the place where the hair line is obvious. The rest of the material is not easily damaged, this material and lace to compare, no lace to bear the ability to tear. The hood should be glued to the human scalp, and the time is moderately durable. For example, the wearer can bathe, swim, and wear a wig to participate in strenuous sports.