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Tips For Hair Washing
Oct 31, 2017

1. Make sure that the hair is brushed and there are no knots anywhere and put the hair soaked in lukewarm water. DO NOT swish or swoosh the air that will cause matting/ tangling. You may gently scrub the inside of the cap.

2. Take a mild shampoo and spread it in your hands, a small amount will be enough. Gently pat and stroke it onto the hair. Do not rub it in.

3. Rinse the shampoo out using only the lukewarm water steam and not your hands or brushes. It will take a few minutes to get all shampoo out but be patient.

4. Remove the excess water with a dry towel. And run a wide-toothed comb gently through the hair to give root direction. Lastly, leave the wig to air dry.