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The Purchase Of Wigs
Jul 26, 2017

Some wigs from the surface is also very good, feel, color is satisfactory, but once washing or collection inadvertently will be deformed, fade, this is the common consumer most easily encountered problems. If you want to choose a quality wigs can be recognized brand or to the shopping malls of the counter purchase, pay attention to the wig you want to buy whether there is a telephone or distributor, factory address, there is no qualified standards, there is no washing mark, marking products are low-grade or counterfeit products, there is no quality assurance.

The common sense of choosing wigs: In fact, the raw materials of wigs are very difficult to judge for ordinary consumers. The good man-made fiber is the wig research comes out, is not the ordinary fiber can replace, the high quality wig uses the fiber material to take into account the human hair's section surface, the intensity luster, the weight, the toughness and the elasticity, but also must prevent the static electricity. It's only realistic and stylish to wear this wig.