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The Main Classification Of Wigs
Jul 26, 2017

Wig belongs to the manufacturing industry of light industry, hair products industry in the parts: Process Clockwork, men's hair, women's wigs, head, chemical fiber hair, wig from the material on the points: people hair, chemical fiber, human hair mixed with chemical fiber.

by material

According to the material into fiber silk and real hair. Chemical fiber silk wig is made of chemical fiber, fidelity is poor, after wearing the feeling of itching, easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap, stereotyped effect is long-lasting; The wig is made by the person who is made of pure human hair, its fidelity is high, not easy to knot, can bureau, dye, hot, convenient change hairstyle, high price, qualitative effect is not too good.

by area

By area: false hair and wig. The fake hair is the whole wig with the head, easy to wear, strong, wide coverage area. Wig can be customized according to different needs of different shapes, different size of the wig, random strong, very high fidelity, good breathability.

According to the method of production

According to the method of production extension weaving hair and hand Shanfa. Woven hair is made by machines. General mass production, low price, but the authenticity is not ideal, more heavy, breathable poor easy to make hair follicles blocked, easy to knot. Hand Shanfa is a purely handmade hook, with high fidelity, good air permeability, comfortable wear, but higher prices.

From the technical point of

From the craft: all hand-woven, the whole mechanism hair, half-mechanism hair, all lace hair, jewish wig, lace hair, hair block, lace wig.

Use of

Live wear, models with wigs, doll hair, anime wigs, holiday wigs, role play.