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Differences Between Single Knot Wig And Double Knot Wig
Jan 03, 2018

1. SHY customized Single Knot wig is one knot tied ONLY one hair, so the knot is more smaller and more invisible than the normal double knot wig.

2. Tied on transparent Swiss lace, make the knot so thin and natural even without bleached knots. Make the parting very realistic and ready to wear.    

3. Tied as the direction of hair growth, makes the wig almost real and super natural. Can parted anywhere by hand.

4. Customized ARC cap construction to fit your head, more comfortable.


Advantages For Single Knot:

1. Smaller and invisible knots

2. Same effect as bleached knots

3. Natural and Ready to wear

4. Part anywhere by hand

5. ARC cap