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13*6 Lace Front Wig
Jan 03, 2018

1. SHY NEW 13*6 lace front wig have two times longer parting space than normal 13*3 lace front wig.

2. 13*6 lace front wig can part anywhere as full lace wig and avoid making bundles obvious as normal 13*3 lace front wig meantime.

3. 13*6 lace front wig is more cheaper than the full lace wig, but same deeper parting as it.  

4. Making the best of 13*6 longer parting lace, make your wig more natural than before.


Advantages For 13*6: 

1. Longer Parting Space

2. Deeper Parting

3. Cheaper Price

4. More Practical

13x6 lace front wig.jpg

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